Position Notices FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my notice be published in The Pipeline and on this website?
The Pipeline is published monthly, except in July. The publication deadline is always the 15th of the preceeding month. Notices are usually added to this website as soon as they are received and processed. Additionally, when there are new notices, links to the CAZAGO Positions Available page are posted in our Facebook groups and sent to all members.

What is the fee for publishing position notices?
For a nominal $20 flat fee, notices will be posted for 3 months or until you notify us that the position has been filled. Please also let us know who has filled the position. For details regarding mailing your payment, please email Sandra DeValk, our

Our position notice has expired. Now what? If you would like us to continue to run the notice, please contact Sandra DeValk by email.

What are the formatting requirements for position notice summaries?
Summaries must be no longer than 75 words, however they may contain a link to a PDF (or webpage) that includes much more detail and can be of any length.

Is there an example of the preferred format?
Yes! Here's how a typical 75-word position summary appears on the CAZAGO Positions Available page. Please include the details that you consider most important, including complete contact info.

Choirmaster/Organist (part–time, 9–12 hours): St. Cecilia’s Church, 1234 Trastevere Rd, Phoenix, is a welcoming, inclusive congregation in the Diocese of Tasteful Music. III/33 pipe organ and 9' concert grand. One 9:00 am Sunday service with Holy Communion. Other special services, including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week. Position starts November 22, 2020. Read the full job description. Please send résumés to or call the Music Director, Ben Britten, at 602 123-4567.   [9/15]

NB: the link to a more detailed PDF in the above description. Additionally, if your church has a website we will link it to the church name in the summary. [We also add a time–stamp at the end to indicate the month the notice is published.]

How do I create the additional PDF file?
Please provide a formatted doc or docx file and we will create it for you.

What if we already have the position listed on our church website?
Please provide a direct link (URL) to that page or file and we will use it for the “full job description” link.

How can I advertise our position nationally via the AGO?
Please go to

What if I have a question that is not answered here?
Please Sandra DeValk.

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