Updated 9/15/19

Why have you discontinued the paper Pipeline?
As any person or organization must do when planning for the future, it is necessary to evaluate the current processes and finances and make decisions about what is essential and what could be a better use of resources. As technology and modes of communication evolve it has become increasingly apparent that a digital newsletter is in everyone’s best interest. the Pipeline has already been available for several years online, and is very convenient to use. It is readable on every device that supports PDF files, both old and new. It includes hyperlinks to websites, maps, organ specifications, eddresses, and more. A full-color high-quality publication for better reading, easily enlarged text and images remain crystal clear. Color images, previously unusable with the B&W high-speed printing process, are now included. the Pipeline is easy to share with friends — all you need to do is point them to our website or email them a link. It is also possible to read it ASAIPO (as soon as it’s published online) instead of waiting for it to be printed, picked up, assembled & folded, labeled, sorted, delivered to the USPS and – eventually – your mailbox.

How can I continue to receive the paper Pipeline?
It has been officially discontinued. Only those
without Internet/email access will continue to receive a paper copy. Frankly, the online version is so superior that we can’t imagine why anyone else would want to receive the paper version.

What are hyperlinks?
Hyperlinks (or links) are text and graphics that point to another page (in the same PDF), a website, auto-fill an eddress, or even auto-dial a telephone number! In the Pipeline, 99% of the text links are a dark red color. While most of the time they simply work, there are always exceptions — commonly caused by an operating system configuration issue. Website links (or URLs) can point to maps, organ specifications, church websites, advertisers’ websites, detailed job descriptions, or any kind of additional related information. Hyperlinks were first introduced in the November 2010 issue.

Can I open URL links in a new browser tab or window?
Yes! On a PC (desktop or laptop), Control–Click on a link; On Macs, Option–Command–Click on the link.

Why doesn’t the link I’m clicking/tapping on seem to do anything?
There are numerous possibilities here. Phone dialing links only work on cell-capable devices. Links to websites will only work correctly if you are online. Email links require that you have the email/webmail on your computer configured to recognize them. Other link failures might be caused by incorrect coding when the PDF was created (Oops!). We do make an effort to test them all but sometimes we miss a few. Mea culpa! (Don't hesitate to let us know via the help links below.)

What format is the Pipeline in?
All the archived issues are presented as broadly-compatible PDFs (Portable Document Format). They can be opened and viewed even on very old computers in Adobe Reader. On modern computers, including handheld devices, a PDF viewer may be built-in thus eliminating the need for Adobe Reader.

Is there more information about viewing and saving PDFs?
Yes! Please continue with FAQ II for more questions and answers.

How can I print the Pipeline?
Because of the special formatting for ledger–sized paper, and ink & toner requirements, we do not recommend or support printing.

Who can I contact for technical help or to answer questions?
Please feel free to email or

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