Our Events Calendar is compiled from three sources:

1. Chapter Events, shown in red;

2. Members' Events, shown in green;

3. An optional Christian Holidays calendar, shown in grey.

Click on any event to see its details. Click on Look for more in the agenda list to see upcoming events.

Click on the small down–arrow icon (top–right) to toggle calendars on or off.

To view in a traditional calendar format, click on Month at the top–right.

Access to our Events Calendar, to add your own events, may by requested by emailing the You must provide three forms of ID, a DNA sample, and a retinal scan.

If you are already a Google Calendar user: Add this calendar to your personal calendar list by clicking on the ✚ Google Calendar (bottom–right). This opens your personal GCal page and presents you with a dialog box. Click on Add all.

If you also use GCal on your smartphone (or other smartdevice): Go to this Sync Settings page. Select the calendars you'd like to sync (which you added in the above step), then click Save (bottom–right). The selected calendars will be displayed on your device at the time of the next sync.