Updated 9/15/19

How can I obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader?
We recommend that you install the most current version of Adobe Reader supported by your OS (operating system). It can be found here.

I’ve opened the PDF in the Firefox but it looks strange. What can I do?
The modern version of Firefox has its own built–in PDF viewer. In earlier versions, there were known issues with displaying certain types of PDFs. If you encounter these issues, please download and use Adobe Reader instead. Firefox can be configured to use it by default, rather than its built-in PDF viewer. Alternatively, you can use a different browser.

How can I save a PDF to my computer?
Because the PDF is actually a file on the CAZAGO site, save is synonymous with download in this instance. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few options:

For desktop or laptop computers —

To save a PDF directly from the link without opening it first: right-click (or control-click) on the link to the PDF and choose “Save link/target as...” from the popup menu; select the Desktop as the destination in the Save As dialog box, and click Save/OK. This makes it much easier to locate the file after you’ve saved it. It can then be moved to the folder of your choice and/or viewed at any time without the need to be online or returning to the original link.

To save a PDF that is currently open that you are viewing: the procedure varies depending upon which web browser and operating system (OS) you are using. The first half of this video details the procedure in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

For iOS and Android devices —

To save a PDF to your iOS Bookshelf: this video details the very simple procedure.

A variety of PDF viewers are available for Android: this article details the best free PDF readers available. Downloading, installing, and using the Acrobat Reader app is detailed in this video. Depending upon the manufacturer, your device may come with a PDF viewer pre-installed.

Who can I contact for technical help or to answer questions?
Please feel free to email or

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